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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:33 am    Post subject: Section 1: Getting started Reply with quote

Q: How do I get an image into ?
A: There are several ways to do it. Open in one window and open the contest page with the original image in another. RIGHT click on the image and select Copy or press Ctrl+C. You can also use the PrtScrn function key to take a snapshot of the whole page or use the Snipping Tool program to select an area to copy.
Go to the open program and use the paste function (the large image of a Clipboard found under the Home tab), right click and select paste or press Ctrl+V, to insert your selection onto the page.
You can also right click on the image and save it to your hard drive and then open it directly from by either opening it as an image (using "Open") or selecting "Paste from" in the "Clipboard" section of the toolbar. Select the area where you want the image to appear, click on the drop down under the Clipboard image, select "Paste from..." and then choose an image from your hard drive which will appear at the location of the cursor.
If you have as a desktop icon, and you have your source (the puzzle) open in a window, you should be able to drag the image from the source (by holding down the left mouse button) and drop it onto the icon which will then open to show the image. You may get an alert from Windows with regard to trusting the source when you do this.
Some images with transparent backgrounds will copy with a black background when using the Copy method and this is where the PrtScrn/Snipping Tool options work best as they retain the background colour shown on screen.

Q: Why doesn't the image appear when I use Paste or Ctrl+V?
A: Make sure that the Text tool (the A icon under Home tab, Tools section) is not selected. It is also possible that you had some text highlighted on the puzzle page in which case using Copy will not work - click on the puzzle page again to deselect the text and then copy the image.

Q: How can I make the screen area larger (or smaller)?
A: There are three "handles" surrounding the working area - at the middle of the right hand side, the middle of the bottom and at the bottom right hand corner. Position your cursor over one of the handles and it will change to a double headed arrow. You can then resize the working area by holding down your left mouse button and dragging. Zooming out to 12.5% view will enable you to enlarge the image quite easily.
Alternatively, click on Resize (Home tab, Image section) and increase the percentage or type in the size required in pixels.

Q: The image is too small to see clearly. Can I make it bigger?
A: Yes. Select the View tab and click on the magnifying glass to zoom in/out as required. There is an icon to return to 100 percent view. You can also use the magnifying glass icon under the Home tab, Tools section - left click to zoom in, right click to zoom out. A zoom slider is included at the bottom right of the screen that allows enlargement to 800 or reduction to 12.5 percent.
Note: In earlier versions it was not possible to enter text other than in 100 percent view but text can now be entered in enlarged images.

Q: How do I correct an error?
A: Click on the Undo button to remove your last action (there is a Redo button to put it back if you want to keep it) - in earlier versions you could only undo the last 3 actions but the latest version has extended that to 50 operations. It's often worth pasting an image into twice (i.e. having two windows open at the same time) and only working on one of the copies so that you maintain the original separately.
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