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Soft and dull eyed fool

Joined: 02 Jun 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:34 pm    Post subject: www.JustinsPuzzles.com Reply with quote

Hi there! Smile

There's this site I enjoy by freelance puzzle crafter Justin Smith, the simply-named "Justin's Puzzles". Aptly enough, his site can be found at:


The site features "metapuzzles" -- puzzles that have an extra layer (or two) to be solved beyond the base puzzle.

So there are "Metacrosses", which are crosswords whose filled-up grids offer a riddle; there are "Metamazes", which reveal another puzzle beyond finding your way through them. My favorites are probably the "Metapics", which are picture-based. There are a whole bunch of Miscellaneous puzzles as well. For all puzzle types, each one doesn't come with instructions, so figuring out what to do is all part of the fun.

Justin has built up a stash of clever puzzles on his site over the months (including some that are Hidden -- a dozen or so at last count). And there have been a couple of Contests too. There's a Leaderboard that tracks how many you've cracked.

Justin also serves up a Daily mini-puzzle (usually picture-based, which I like), so there's always something new to chew on.

Check it out!

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The Hirsute One
Hairy but harmless

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I took a quick look at this site, just to see what Quicks?lver was on about and I'm hooked!

The puzzles are made that little bit harder by having no forum to check with, but the ďAha!Ē moment on solving is all the better for that (although there havenít been too many of those so far unfortunately Sad ).

Well worth a visit but donít expect to leave soon (just looking for the hidden links can take some time but finding one is satisfying) and there is a daily puzzle as well so you could be permanently occupied.

Also, Justin himself is surprisingly quick in replying to emails Ė and very encouraging. Thumbs up

Go take a look Ė I doubt youíll regret it (but donít forget to come back for What The Dickens II) 8)
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