Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles


May 2014 Monthly Crossword
The Three Groups by Stozz

The puzzle celebrated the anniversary of the creation of Cluedo (Clue in the US). The three groups are therefore the suspects, the weapons and the rooms.

Five of the suspects appear in the completed grid: (Reverend) GREEN (12a/13a), (Mrs) PEACOCK (19a/22a), (Miss) SCARLETT (26a/27a), (Mrs) WHITE (5d) and (Professor) PLUM (7d).

Five of the weapons appear as required words in clues: CANDLESTICK (14a), DAGGER (25a), SPANNER (1d), REVOLVER (4d) and LEAD PIPING (7d/8a).

Finally, the eight superfluous 5-letter words in clues matched rooms for the first two letters: BIKER (11a - BILLIARD ROOM), LIKES (19a - LIBRARY), BALTI (22a - BALLROOM), LOWLY (5d - LOUNGE), HASTE (15d - HALL), COUNT (16d - CONSERVATORY), DIRTY (17d - DINING ROOM), STATE (23d - STUDY).

Therefore, the murder was committed by COLONEL MUSTARD with the ROPE in the KITCHEN.

  1. Anagram (mixed) PH (initially Piping Hot) + unfit + cru => FRUIT PUNCH (party drink) [incl. PIPING]
  2. Remove odd position letters (odd characters dismissed) sOcIaLlY => OILY (slimy)
  3. JUDGES (Old Testament book) following AD (time of the New Testament) => ADJUDGES (determines)
  4. HELM (position of control) contained in TA (army) => THELMA (female) + BIKER
  5. Double meaning (it could be a first + step) => DEGREE
  6. CO (company) contained in N (new) + ARTIC (lorry) => NARCOTIC (drug)
  7. S (spade) following SCONCE (candlestick) contained in DIRT (mud) => DISCONCERTS (disturbs) [incl. CANDLESTICK]
  8. PICK (select) + CHI (natural energy) 'Spoonered' => CHICKPEA (food) + LIKES
  9. COCK (chicken) + LE (let's halve!) => COCKLE (seafood) + BALTI
  10. GL (vacant GirL) + ASSY (butcher says) => GLASSY (lifeless)
  11. I LET (landlord's admission) contained in S (son) + T (time) + to => STILETTO (dagger) [incl. DAGGER]
  12. Contained in backwards (returns in) bric-a-bRAC Sale => SCAR (mark)
  13. TE (note) contained in (bound) LETRHEA (fancy leather) + D (notepaD finally) => LETTERHEAD (stationery cupboard)
  1. Double meaning (more than one spanner + used in dental work) => BRIDGES [incl. SPANNER]
  2. LICKER (for example, a friendly dog) homophone (reportedly) => LIQUOR (not something to give to a child)
  3. Contained in backwards (revolutionary in) speCIE, A GOPAk => APOGAEIC (of the highest order)
  4. GUN (revolver, for example) minus G (losing grand) + is + O (nothing) + N (new) => UNISON (concert) [incl. REVOLVER]
  5. Anagram (out) I + threw => WHITER (cleaner) + LOWLY
  6. FORT (military defence) containing (broken by) SOME (small group) backwards (uprising) => FOREMOST (leading)
  7. M (Man originally) contained in PLUBIC (public disorder) => PLUMBIC (relating to lead) [incl. LEAD]
  8. IN + CISORS (they measure = sizers, to the ear) => INCISORS (they cut) + HASTE
  9. EUCRITESN (centuries bashing) minus N (numberless) => EURITES (rocks) + COUNT
  10. CHA (tea) + ALICE (Dodgson's girl) minus A (sharing a) => CHALICE (cup) + DIRTY
  11. FLOTSA (floats around) + M (first Mate) => FLOTSAM (&lit)
  12. PYOLA (a ploy designed) containing A => PAYOLA (bribe given to jockey)
  13. AS (like) + SETS (gels) => ASSETS (they can be liquid)
  14. RE (religious instruction) + CH (church) contained in (interrupting) CE (another [church]) => CRECHE (nativity scene) + STATE