Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles


March 2014 Monthly Crossword
Of The Sun by JWawro

The puzzle celebrated the Cirque du Soleil, hence "of the sun". The undefined thematic answers were locations for versions of the circus (22a).

  1. LA (the French) + NO (rejection) + TUBA (brass instrument) minus T (independent of first Tone) => LA NOUBA
  2. A + MA (graduate honors) + L (liberal) + UNA (Latin one) => AMALUNA
  3. GIG (horsedrawn carriage) containing (periodically board) O (old) + N (new) => GOING (deporting)
  4. I + L (left) + GI (soldier) contained in LOCAL (nearby tavern) => ILLOGICAL (incoherent)
  5. MYST (popular first-person adventure game) + ERE (before) => MYSTERE
  6. QUID (pound) + AM (in the morning) => QUIDAM
  7. Contained in (of) aRUGula => RUG (thick pile)
  8. SIT containing (outside) HUT (shelter) => SHUT IT (told to keep quiet)
  9. A + VENUE (location for 22, perhaps across) => AVENUE (street)
  10. LEE (Civil War General) reversed (retreating) => EEL (fish)
  11. Homophone (they call me) SIR CUSS (profane knight) => CIRCUS (a public spectacle)
  12. VAREI (contortionist, I rave) containing (about) KA (another element = Cirque du Soleil show) VAREKAI
  13. XID (five hundred and eleven) contained in OVATION (tribute) minus V (replace five) => OXIDATION (rust)
  14. VIRTUOUS (to be honest) removing TUO (taking out backwards flip) => VIRUS (something that makes me ill)
  15. DRAYLION (clowning around with any lord, I) minus Y (wasted the first part of year) DRALION
  16. Contained in (direct connection between) OZARK...ANAheim after removing 'and' (bypassing connector) =>
  1. NT (books of the Bible = New Testament) contained (preserved) in AI (robot's programming) => ANTI (against)
  2. JUNG (psychiatrist Carl) + LE (the French) => JUNGLE (bush)
  3. LALIBERTEON (intolerable acrobat) minus ON (drops on) => LALIBERTE (head of 22; Guy Laliberté)
  4. Anagram (juggling) eggs + AGUA (spanish water) => GAS GAUGE (showing energy level)
  5. DRUNK (sot) following PUNCH (counter) => PUNCH DRUNK (silly)
  6. GUM (chew) contained in LEE (provided to 20 in reply, i.e. EEL reversed) => LEGUME (protein)
  7. Homophone (sounds like) AXE'LL (a hatchet will) => AXLE (support a revolution)
  8. A + PL (record=LP about) + OM (sacred syllable) + B (Big top) => APLOMB (composed)
  9. Anagram (swirled) hole + rapids => SPHEROIDAL (round)
  10. I following L (large) + VAN (vehicle) contained in (amidst) GAZE (look) => GALVANIZE (shock)
  11. Anagram (destroyed) man's + suit => TSUNAMIS (natural disasters)
  12. AC (power) CORD (conduit) => ACCORD (conformity)
  13. Homophone (mentioned) ME AS MA (Anthony Hopkins' Psycho spoiler)=> MIASMA (it stinks) [apologies that this should be Anthony Perkins!]
  14. RE (note) + VERB (to echo, for example) => REVERB (&lit)
  15. Anagram (pumps) iron => RION swapping L for R (switching hands) => LION (Leo)
  16. ROME (roads heading to the same place) homophone (seem to be) => ROAM (wander aimlessly)