Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles


June 2014 Monthly Crossword

The five answers (highlighted in blue) in the completed grid were ARCH DUKE FRANZ FERDINAND SHOT, the event that happened 100 years ago on June 28th and which triggered a chain of events leading to the onset of World War I. The first letters of each of 3, 4, 5 and 6 down needed changing to spell out SARAJEVO across the top row (where Ferdinand was shot).

  1. H (Humans start) + starve anagram (otherwise) => HARVEST (&lit without this)
  2. GB (Great Britain) contained in UGOOT (sadly go out without) => UGG BOOT (footwear)
  3. TEH (the broken) + ER (Queen) + AN (one) => TEHERAN (city)
  4. PIER (dock) + CES (decapitated desserts = ICES minus I) => PIERCES (drills)
  5. L (left) + FC (football club) + AS (while) contined in HATE (surrounded by hostility) => HALF-CASTE (racist term)
  6. S (start with Strand) + ANY (some) + O (initially Owned) => SANYO (Electric Company)
  7. U (while listening, you) + TENSIL (listen carefully) => UTENSIL (instrument)
  8. TREE (the stick bearer) containing ACL (stuck around sticky lac) => TREACLE (it's sticky)
  9. FRA (French) + NZ (Kiwi) => FRANZ (German boy)
  10. FERDI (fired explosive) + N (Neptune initially) + AND (also) => FERDINAND (Uranus moon)
  11. TIT (bird) contained in LEGO (trapped in building block) => LET IT GO (ignore)
  12. NOD (agree) containing (to suppress) TIC (spasm) + E (ultimate bonE) => NOTICED (saw)
  13. EX (old) + CRETE (Mediterranean island) => EXCRETE (pass)
  14. OK (fine) containing (including) BELI (vicious bile) + S (top Scribe) => OBELISK (column)
  1. S + HOT (steaming) => SHOT (effort)
  2. Contained in (displaying) bAR CHart => ARCH (a representation of n [shape])
  3. ST (street) + CARTED (transported) reversed (back) => DETRACTS (cheapens) [RETRACTS]
  4. Double meaning (bombards + masonry) => STONES [ATONES]
  5. L (Liberal) + MP (politician) contained in UIEST (sleazy suite) => LUMPIEST (most irregular) [JUMPIEST]
  6. GRES (odd GaRtErS) contained in (decorated with) OS (bone) => OGRESS (monstrous madam) [EGRESS]
  7. VOL (volume) + CAN (able to) + IC (Inspire Creative beginnings) => VOLCANIC (tempestuous)
  8. OTO (too liberal) + SCOPE (freedom) => OTOSCOPE (it tests listeners)
  9. EXA (cut=axe up) + CT (cut out the middle) => EXACT (with care)
  10. UNFED (hungry) containing (environment for) OLD (veteran) => UNFOLDED (revealed)
  11. Anangram (entertaining) act + I + less => ELASTICS (bands)
  12. LEFT (neglected) + OVER (again) => LEFTOVER (a bit)
  13. EPISS (network of spies) containing (comprising) TLE (half the batTLE) => EPISTLES (communications)
  14. C (bit of cruelty) contained in LANE (street) => LANCE (fighting equipment)
  15. ZER (almost nothing=zero) containing (to incorporate) ITH (smash hit) => ZITHER (it's played)
  16. R (resistance) + AND (DNA treatment) + OM (doctor=MO brought up) => RANDOM (it's not prescribed)
  17. C (around) + LIP (edge) => CLIP (restrict)
  18. K (final booK) contained in DUE (soon to encompass) => DUKE (title)