Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles


February 2014 Monthly Crossword

The puzzle celebrated the centenary of the first appearance of the Tramp character (22d) created by Charlie Chaplin (8a/9a). The first film to feature the Tramp was Kid Auto Races At Venice (23a/24a/4a), and the last was Modern Times (25a/18a), with A Dog's Life (10d) being one of many other appearances. Each of the films was undefined.

  1. A + GHOST (spirit) containing A (with blAck heart) minus O (for nothing) => AGHAST (haunted by)
  2. CHARLIE CHAPLIN (see preamble)
  3. LUDE (direct duel) contained in INTERS (digs) => INTERLUDES (movie breakers maybe)
  4. A (one) + URA ( Usually Reads Atmospherically for starters) => AURA (quality &lit)
  5. S (original slob) + US (American) + HI (14 = greeting) => SUSHI (meals)
  6. ERG (work) backwards + ETING (get in trouble) => GREETING (it comes before 16 = farewell)
  7. WELL (good) following FARE (food at first) => FAREWELL (it comes after 14 = greeting)
  8. Contained in (part) mimiC AN Eminent => CANE (thematic prop)
  9. DIFFCULTY (Cliff with duty to perform) containing I (embracing 2nd WImbledon) => DIFFICULTY (problem)
  10. KID (baby) + AUTO (car) + RACES (sprints) + AT (towards) + VENICE (canal location) => KID AUTO RACES AT VENICE (see preamble)
  11. MODE (way) + RNTIMES (Minster School) => MODERN TIMES (see preamble)
  12. ME (I) + PUSS (Tom) backwards (send back) => MESS-UP (blunder)
  1. AS (while) + HEN (one's partying before marriage) => ASHEN (ill appearance)
  2. ARN (a king and knight) contained in HES (man's) + S (Sacrifice opening) => HARNESS (use)
  3. STILL (silent) + LIFE (activity) => STILL LIFE (flowers?)
  4. ETHOS (those damned) => ETHOS (beliefs)
  5. I'M PLANT (tea, say, making introduction) => IMPLANT (infusion)
  6. GRAN (nanny) contained in EMITS (sends out) => EMIGRANTS (travellers)
  7. AD (poster) + OGSLIFE (of Giles cartoon) => A DOG'S LIFE (see preamble)
  8. Coontained (displayed) in derviSH - A MAN IS Murdered => SHAMANISM (sorcery)
  9. Anagram (they're entertaining) Rex + Cattie => EXTRICATE (take out)
  10. M (member) contained in (taken in by) EERALD (wheeler dealer) => EMERALD (green)
  11. Mo (second) + USERS (customers) => MOUSERS (cats)
  12. D (dead) + ETER (fallen tree) => DETER (stop)
  13. TRAMP (see preamble)