Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles


December 2013 Monthly Crossword

The puzzle was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first crossword. Arthur Wynne (10,24) who constructed the puzzle for the New York World could therefore be considered the father of CROSS (7th row) WORDS (9th row). 5 of the words in the original puzzle appeared in the grid, with identical definitions (shown highlighted in green below). Wordplay to these clues was added for free!

  1. ANI (Ian Smith) contained in MA (mother to squash) => MANIA (bug)
  2. SICK (rotten) + LEAVE (holiday) => SICK LEAVE (&lit)
  3. INGS (sing about) contained in RIDE (spin) => RINGSIDE (with a wonderful view)
  4. A + DJ (record player) + A + CENT (bit of money) => ADJACENT (by)
  5. FEAST (gorge) minus F (out force) => EAST (point)
  6. C (China beginning) + ON (above) + D (Germany) + ON (sticking) + E (England) => CONDONE (ignore)
  7. USED (old) containing (crushed) HER (girl) => USHERED (brought in)
  8. Anagram (brandishing) fine => NEIF (a fist)
  9. RENDISM (worryingly reminds me) minus R (right off) => ENDEMISM (natural occurrence)
  10. DYE (colour) containing (surrounds) NAM (fellow's setback) + IT => DYNAMITE (a shocking thing)
  11. Anagram (crazy) drove + N (North) => VENDOR (he dealt)
  12. Anagram (break) in + to + repel => INTERLOPER (&lit)
  13. Contained in (a few) dreaM OR ALlude => (what we should all be)
  1. ACRED (shady cadre) contained in SCOW (on board boat) => SACRED COW (they can't be criticised)
  2. SHEAR (split) contained in MID (in the centre) => MISHEARD (didn't gather)
  3. VIO (6-0) containing (crushing) BRAT (youngster) => VIBRATO (wobbling)
  4. S (son) + LESS (lacking) containing (embraces) KIN (of family) => SKINLESS (uncovered)
  5. ERSU (force sure) following V (victory) + S (second) => VERSUS (opposing)
  6. Initial letters: Elude Void, Apply Debut Elements => EVADE (&lit, specifically to elude)
  7. OTRUE (straight route) minus O (without circle) => TRUE (&lit)
  8. S (Savoury starter) + ESSION (makes noises) + A + L (large) => SESSIONAL (in separate sittings)
  9. N (name) OFR (for solving) + ILLS (problems) => NO-FRILLS (simple)
  10. EDMONT (to mend building) + ON (going forward) => EDMONTON (city)
  11. C (cold) + EIP (dessert=pie turning up) contained in RET (with wet crust) => RECEIPT (a written acknowledgement)
  12. ERR (mistake) containing (out) AS (while) + E (finishing prosE) => ERASER (it scrubs + &lit)
  13. DO (act) + VE (extremely VindictivE) => DOVE a bird