Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

September 2023 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle is a commemoration of a character. Six clues appear to lead to one answer, but should be interpreted differently to find the characters that should be entered. The definition parts of four further clues require the insertion of groups of characters for the clues to make sense. Seven further clues contain a superfluous word, the initials of which (in clue order) provide The One.
7 Overpriced end of rod on listener (5)
8 Holds round burning ring and lives for nasty fumes? (9)
10 Red popular after disastrous date (6)
11 Loose jammed nut with corner tool (8)
12 Anecdotes about Don Trump inside? What a snake! (8)
13 Open ground outside section office (4)
15 Finally Reg and Alfred play with bull bait (7)
17 Label small clock longitudinal (7)
20Leader's roots that start a revolution? (4)
22 He investigates old active bomb maker at last (8)
25 Streaming fraction of song and not looking happy (8)
26 Ware the essence of the alt history (6)
27 Puzzle editors kept in mediation (9)
28 Tie Ken with car we navigated (5)
1 Go around nine spins of 1095 revolutions? (9)
2 One traipsed around, very forward (8)
3 Vice versa rum and ice element (7)
4 Suspect independent film wear (8)
5 Lamed one with energy caught by 60s teen (6)
6After revising I'm like saint (whiter than the rest) (5)
9 Core of electropop band working later (4)
14 Number not odd on shirt adopted by Poles (9)
16Aussie yob's resistance in rail strike brethren (8)
18Nigel aids getting dressed in lycra outfit - that's gallant (8)
19 Chemical to develop into crack (7)
21 Dinosaur one nobbled with torn pad (6)
23 Smart expert has head start (4)
24 Dive left in drool (5)