Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

September 2019 Monthly Crossword

There are 5 holes (blank squares) in the grid when solved as presented. These holes always appear at the intersection of entries. The holes can then be filled with letters to provide (in grid order) a suitable word.
8 Instead of falsehood, taking truth at heart (4)
9 Disdain to enduring hitch hikes (10)
10 Store talking about selection from Next (6)
11 Clever egghead scheduled date to catch cougar? (8)
12 Rider died trapped - man, dude bombed (8)
14 Introduce popular channel (6)
16 Fade away with elapsed atomic seconds (4)
17 Rock guitar intro bit (5)
18 Live transmission beginning with lottery (4)
19 God is supporting man after modicum of obscenity (6)
21Corrupted file ripped on disk initialisation (8)
23 Good example of Number One record preceding book (8)
26 She's innocent child initially taken in by beverage? (6)
27 Number 50 uninviting, time for journey (10)
28 He produces sandwich effortlessly, with crusts cut off (4)
1 Smith and Smith is unreliable (3-3-4)
2 Does most work lead to beneficial use with its possibility? (8)
3 Divine right to enter church in depressing surroundings (6)
4 Extended goose wings provide advantage (4)
5 Going off unpleasant gin cocktail (8)
6 Coarse joke on lad outing (6)
7 Previously connected, regularly dropped (4)
13 Second central funds rise (5)
15 Company data leads to court imposing espionage suit convictions (10)
17 Contract phase is costly perhaps? (8)
18 Cable too loose to be this? (8)
20 Control drop, say (6)
22 Lark Ascending record found in estate, maybe? (6)
24 Vessel in trouble following port entry (4)
25 Done with flashes of elegance, litheness and nous? (4)

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Alternatively, you can submit your grid using the form to be found here.

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on September 30 2019. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than October 5 2019.