Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

September 2018 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle celebrates the song of the same name, as evidenced by italicised lyrical extracts in some clues (using a bit of artistic licence). The clues for six other entries have a suitable element missing from their wordplay.
1Tolkien's area of dark returned and led astray (6,5)
7 Tear drops even embrace me (3)
9 Recording finally put on shelf (5)
10 One thing to record back for DJ maybe (9)
11 Queen have fit with entire remix (9)
12Chain letter's contents show arm coming away from body (5)
13 Awake in predominantly purest ecstasy (7)
15 Way out way of strutting, say (4)
18 Voice of angel borders on digital sound? (4)
20 Trumpeted Herb Alpert beginning such an interpretation (7)
23 Stock without value and not without state (2-3)
24 Tread carefully going east to west (5,4)
26 Popular to object to partner taking in India at first (9)
27September's creator heard words again primarily not stressed when spoken (5)
28 Never a cloudy day? No a shrouded night! (3)
29 Sensible party town planning (4,2,5)
1 Defiant foreign letter can rouse heart (8)
2 Attract criticism from sketch (4,4)
3 Superior ship perhaps building ark with bits of evergreen laurels (5)
4 Sound comprising active volume comes back to Dodge (7)
5 Drink in band - what our hearts were doing lyrically! (7)
6 Discovering for oneself that Man City is fit (9)
7 Do you remember lines after special care? (6)
8 Celebration augmented with lead instrument for balance (6)
14 Very fat endless sun stream (5,4)
16 Taskmaster dancing in September... uh right (8)
17 Coins for playing card in mix-up (4,4)
19 Threatening to foul the 21st night of September, love was effluent (7)
20 One pound donated to nasty cross examiner (7)
21 Burning oxygen with fragment of napalm (2,4)
22 Dancing in September left flexible strip (6)
25 Come up for culmination of particle bearing charge (5)