Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

October 2018 Monthly Crossword

8 clues can be associated with a link. These clues are undefined and comprise wordplay only. Furthermore, the answers should be modified in line with the link before entry in the grid. Finally, the link is hidden among the clues.
7 Shade a third violet, sky and orange (5)
8 Set border made up with crate (9)
10 Stone cladding by bend on a lake (6)
11 Cry before boxing? Luxury! (8)
12 Irregular and irrational code is compiled externally (8)
13Bolted remainder (4)
15 Nazis island area subverting race (7)
17 Sourness (yes) bracketing policemen with origins of independent TV (7)
20 Field first first folio (4)
22 Marie maybe has potential (8)
25 In the early days on a lean regime eating slice of tofu (8)
26See 21d
27 Nothing French could start in flaunting pure lust (9)
28Crowd disapproval with edges of toboggans being used to ski? (5)
1 Underworld very quiet - listen with this to have a go (9)
2 Flat shares? Old flame is swallowed by cost upturn (8)
3Claudius to start with Hamlet's words - penetrating in other words (7)
4 Secretive group on mountain range (8)
5Marshy area by church swamping road (6)
6 Load and fire, pulling trigger first (5)
9 Old snippet from Muse discography (4)
14Endurance over time needs energy to be fertile (9)
16Hungry when eating crustless pitta? That's inappropriate (8)
18 Time share comes after traces of divided usage (8)
19 Change words to corrupt heart of Liberal (7)
21,26a New cost keeps new death threat around (6,3,3)
23 Ball of thread sounds like one of these! (4)
24 Alternative energy? Why not! (5)