Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

October 2013 Monthly Crossword

In recognition of 7, each of the special clues leads to a 7, 28. The construction of the special clues is such that the answer must be inserted somewhere in the text for it to make sense, with words rearranged appropriately where required. For instance, the clue "these scissors are set ineffective" could give the answer HARPY as follows: "these scissors are sHARP Yet ineffective". The general subject of the normal clues offers a tenuous hint to the theme of the special clues.

Special Clues
Holly trees providing Boston flex barrier
Mark and mid out with punches
On new roads let ta rick layer
In hose standards are unacceptable
We plot for the best service
I'm anti meat rods and proofs
Is octo cold for holiday?
7 See preamble (5)
8 Change victory song note over (9)
10 See preamble (6)
11 Standard deep sound channel (8)
12 Notes 1 and 3: note worker; note five? (8)
13 Holes surrounding black tube? Conclusion: it's played! (4)
15 Sing, despite holding seizures back (7)
17 Blow this gift wrapping idiot (7)
20 The essence of music (4)
22 Sounds of siren far away (8)
25 Intervals? Second game has not one (8)
26 See preamble (6)
27 Strengthened, if one is immersed in loud disco to start with (9)
28 See preamble (5)
1 Oh My! catching a right beat on Sunday transmissions (9)
2 One wishes it best, one leads it astray (8)
3 See preamble (7)
4Reported back on Quiet Gold, a movement for the people (8)
5 See preamble (6)
6 Brassy music makers cut intro at the end (5)
9 See preamble (4)
14 Around 50 wet rock 'n' roll records kept by him (4,5)
16 See preamble (8)
18 New concerns for celebrity taking up Prokofiev's string preludes (8)
19 The King lives discordantly (7)
21 See preamble (6)
23 Accidental tyre problem (4)
24 Vocalist to hook up with organiser outside (5)