Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

November 2018 Monthly Crossword

In this month's puzzle, 8 clues have a suitable part of the wordplay missing (definitions are normal). In clue order, the missing parts form a quote. 7 other clues contain an extraneous word, the initials of which give the source of the quote.
7Scratch itch when controlling robots artistic moves (3,3)
8 Very hot piece for some days (8)
9 Handing out a supplement of religious teaching (8)
10 Unusually, bank chases tattoo artist (6)
11 Spectacular swallow, mostly vibrant (8)
12 Hesitant to declare with superb England openers (6)
13 Love oversize auto in accident (11)
18 Sole 25 obvious (6)
20 Hysteria if recent events create further contamination (8)
22 Leave disheartened Lothario for lover (6)
23Years of Einstein's ingenuity (8)
24 Break leg after mat combat (8)
25 Sides of campaigning with legit aims? (6)
1 Criticise extravagant throbbing style (7)
2 Harmful weather leads to accident crossing Irish Channel (4,4)
3 Middle sized international leader, queen and Muslim official (6)
4 Cloudy condensation covering Chuck (8)
5 I get work cubicle with energy to develop (6)
6 Hermit to record 50 employment refusals (7)
8 Lack of concern with no cure planned (13)
14Yet to incorporate 'hard' in 'hard man' (8)
15 Decomposed leg somewhere out of sight (8)
16 Spread help upwards, judge claims (7)
17 Takes a tentative step around short volume operator (7)
19 Evacuation of old, old democrat to America (6)
21 Popular rock wordsmith receives first gastric bypass (6)

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