Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

November 2017 Monthly Crossword
Good Old Days by JWawro

This crossword hearkens back to a simpler time. Ten entries are without definition, and their clues consist of a cryptic construction for an associated word which is no longer used in modern parlance. Further, these clues each contain an extraneous word which, in the same manner for all these clues, create a connection to the grid entry.
9 String the British up with the French and the Spanish revolutionary (7)
10Water nymph's traditional wearable floral decoration (7)
11 Keeper protected by Jaguar defense (5)
12 Scientist, geneticist wrote letter after you retired (9)
13The heartless butcher hurled heavy artillery (9)
16Saint isn't in Rome for a year (3)
17 Intelligence group comprised of several members of Mensa, but not me! (3)
19 Dry witchgrass my, uh, rag produced (7)
20 Drink is downed with cheap chaser (3)
23 Child carried a little more than halfway (3)
24 Lab action created new form of plant life (9)
26 Degrading Germany to the locals, by definition (9)
29 Comment on data being entered into a computer (5)
30 Endless revenue lost with new investment makes me lose courage (7)
31 Lesions developed on feline (7)
1 Carnivorous predator confronted male sheep, ewe (8)
2 Alter chopped nutmeats after removing shell (6)
3 Deep Purple scrapbooks waste time (4)
4 Passenger manifest infected with virus (4)
5 Extend credit following covert financial arrangement (5,5)
6 Tortured, even killed, the loyal and faithful (4)
7Materials used for brightening aristocratic monarchs? Not at first. (8)
8 Outrageous, ludicrous argument (6)
14 Not satisfied, starts to use new, modern era technology (5)
15 Tough, hot broad lied to be difficult (4-6)
16 Evaluate fit of radical Tory with no leadership (3-2)
18 Mongrel I crossbreed, submit (8)
21Most gracious doctor ties plot together (8)
22 After the full moon appears, supernatural transformation into Minotaur (6)
25 Secure vessel with rum (6)
27 Care about 160 square rods (4)
28 Dinosaur assaults umpire in exhibit (4)
29 Defect with broken femur, radius (4)