Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

May 2023 Monthly Crossword
NATO Expansion

The puzzle marks the addition of Finland to the NATO alliance. Fifteen clues contain an extra letter in the wordplay. These extra letters, in clue order, spell out a suitable phrase. Nine clues are normal, but each leads to an answer containing two parts, one of which is not entered in the grid. The non-entered items, when interpreted as expected and rearranged, form an associated concept. The remaining four clues/entries are purely normal (you'll be pleased to know).
7 Bit of violence in test opponent (5)
8 He's sure mob transported diamonds (9)
10 Figure of celebrity on Tuesday (6)
11 Dying to tease mountain clothing (8)
12Beggar sides with redeeming voucher for handout (8)
13 Raw deal eating slice of rabbit fat (4)
15 Turn leaf over in the end? (7)
17 Force amateur to pull one in breakdown (7)
20 Rock song Iron Man with breve misplaced (4)
22 Improve quality of regret by young man (8)
25 Moan to me about being captivated by villain lover (8)
26 Make treacle pudding (6)
27 Workers group postpone removal of word, perhaps? (9)
28 Country to stumble on beer in noise pollution (5)
1 Athlete to court disaster with psoriasis (9)
2 It positively radiates from first character a bit (8)
3 Refinement of chrome beach encourages reflection (7)
4 Mull over about naked Australian? This will cover things! (8)
5 Latex dubbin mixed up with airer (6)
6 Pulses live inside wild animals (5)
9 Blokes we list (4)
14 Steps taken to excavate Agent Orange tin (9)
16 Reject a muffin, for example, that's chewed (8)
18 He'll pick up one litre drunk and swallow second (8)
19 Short assault rifle in Times (7)
21 Covering nurse visit (6)
23 Very hard to follow host taking turn (4)
24 Hills complete triumphs (5)