Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

May 2019 Monthly Crossword
In Prison

10 entries hold a prisoner entirely captive. The prisoners are thematically linked, but are missing from the wordplay in their respective clues.
8Pacific person is Francisco's predecessor! (6)
9 Deliver opening bits of headlines and news reports (8)
10 They punch through supporter left finally friendless (8)
11 Two drinks, one returned, causing fuss (6)
12Roller coasters don't start? That's mean (6)
13 They keep prisoners through sign on the walls! (8)
15 Alternately kills nuts (7)
17 Reserved a very cold Pepsi Cola, last bits left (7)
20 Filthy rich getting support is more prisoner-like? (8)
22Wins small expression from 9a prisoner's footnote (6)
23 Small wee? (6)
25 Boat scuppered in Africa (8)
26 Displayed score, nine one, missing out (2-6)
27 Open University fool must be cleverer to do this (6)
1Ultimate theatrical expert portraying man of Arabia? (8)
2 He makes Oxford crowd angry and thuggish are in (10)
3One's bearing hesitation for what one will enter? (6)
4 Shut off UK planes withdrawal till now (4,3)
5 Guts dispatched front to back (8)
6 Downfall of rising state (4)
7Reserved about after fourth grade? (6)
14 Contemplate work in tech industry (6,4)
16 Did delay look to place uncovered with shade? (8)
18 Supplement crash pad nine around cage (8)
19 Examining film classification (7)
21 Harrowing hoard comprising one German (6)
22 Funny series of articles - it comes in parts (6)
24 Modern Swiss creep (4)

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