Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

May 2018 Monthly Crossword

The word "May" is removed wherever it appears in both the clues and grid. This affects 12 clues in total.
7Reunion / Peru semi final akin to another display (5)
8 Limiting line to step function (9)
10 Boy in disorder (6)
11 Car seen - I hitch hike (8)
12 Theresa in Muslim transgression, Europe pioneers naval ally (8)
13 Rub fit fan (4)
15 Perhaps sodium is in sole sauce (7)
17 Broken arm around Northern country (7)
20 Brief desire for Welsh man (4)
22 And not around lines as a rule (8)
25 Seafood restaurant first after 3 states finish sushi (8)
26 Planet orbiting year one, initially - it's cool being in charge (6)
27 Temperature technology capturing net energies and work done (4,5)
28Blood is thicker passage attributed to him? (5)
1 Assistance for speaker to practise after dreadful game with pawn (9)
2 Argue with spa about vegetable (5,3)
3 Seeks tower because it is outside (7)
4 Hundred in bail settlement, happily (8)
5 The thing is felt acutely (6)
6 Street waste pile (5)
9 North attack bird (4)
14 Worst note last month, that is extremely suspect (9)
16 Understanding spy defect around Thursday? (8)
18 Mostly smart, rides to move away from driver (8)
19 And I used my daring to be brave (7)
21 Angry man going to journalist (6)
23 Unknowing heart taken in by corrupt source (4)
24 Definitely be makers of refuge (5)

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