Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

May 2014 Monthly Crossword
The Three Groups by Stozz

2014 marks a particular 65th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the members of the three groups are hidden.

All but one member of the first group are hidden in the completed grid, and all but one member of the second group appear as (necessary) words in the clues (one member is split between two clues). Additionally, some other clues contain a superfluous five-letter word; the first two letters of these words correspond with the first two letters of all but one member of the third group.

There is therefore exactly one member in each group that cannot be found as described above. These three missing members are hiding out of sight and must be deduced. In keeping with the theme, an appropriate sentence using the three missing members should be submitted along with the completed grid.
8 Party drink is initially piping hot - unfit to be mixed with cru (5,5)
9 Slimy and socially odd characters dismissed (4)
10 Determines Old Testament book to be set after time of the New Testament (8)
11 Female biker having position of control in army (6)
12 It could be a first step (6)
13 Drug company invests in new lorry (8)
14 Disturbs spade after candlestick thrown in mud (11)
19 Spooner likes to select natural energy for food (8)
22 Seafood or chicken balti? Let's halve! (6)
24 Lifeless and vacant girl, butcher says (6)
25 Landlord's admission occupying son - time to find dagger (8)
26 Mark returns in bric-a-brac sale (4)
27 Note fancy leather bound notepad finally found in stationery cupboard (10)
1 More than one spanner used in dental work (7)
2 For example, a friendly dog reportedly not something to give to a child (6)
3 Revolutionary in specie, a gopak of the highest order (8)
4 Concert losing grand: Revolver, for example, is nothing new (6)
5 I threw out lowly cleaner (6)
6 Leading military defence broken by small group uprising (8)
7 Relating to lead man originally involved in public disorder (7)
15 They cut in haste and they measure to the ear (8)
16 Count numberless centuries bashing rocks (8)
17 Have tea with Dodgson's girl, sharing a dirty cup (7)
18 It floats around first mate? (7)
20 A ploy designed to catch a bribe given to jockey (6)
21 They can be liquid, like gels (6)
23 Religious instruction by state church interrupting another nativity scene (6)