Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

March 2018 Monthly Crossword
Work by JWawro

Many entries are clued normally, but some will require additional work to solve. Entries which involve this work are missing their definition, and instead contain a related thematic word, which may appear anywhere in the clue. The remainder of the clue may not retain its surface sense with this word removed.
8 Part of tradition to have sides exchange places (4)
9 Opening small Japanese box storing cap from Tokyo (5)
10 One quaff that isn't very strong has a bluish color (4)
11 Provide a fundamental education about the surface of the Earth (6)
12 Give some lip to Rev. Spooner's addition of an extra hindrance (4,4)
13 Antique ring is counterfeit: lose bet (8)
15 Screech owl clutches something inside its beak. Eek! Eek! (2-4)
17 Control public relations disaster I'd see (7)
19 Material with raised pattern is poor support, or so it sounds (7)
22 Begin home serial process (6)
24 Organ grinder gets scare after critical review (8)
26 Escort ferryman taking gym class (8)
28 Car starts while high efficiency engine leaks, sparks (6)
30 Some freak needs a joint (4)
31 Raw leading edge in counter seam (5)
32 Coupon offers 1/3 off immediately (4)
1 Grab a round for the tavern (4)
2 Tireless soul used improvement (8)
3 Take mangled glider (6)
4 Wash 50 beasts improperly (7)
5 Stupid errors care of wizard (8)
6 Take hearts of locals' grittier talent (6)
7 Catch some ebullience (4)
14 Remove braids taking out a twist (5)
16 Destroy raunchy drawing displayed (5)
18 The blues rhythmic beats are getting old (8)
20 Return cerebrums missing mass to function (8)
21 Rotation with close family doctor within cycle (4-3)
23 Pilfer beers - around two pints (6)
25 Most modern directions excluding south (6)
27 Informal greeting to seize new day (4)
29 Billionaire producing hit (4)

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