Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

March 2017 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle celebrates four characters. Three of these are grid entries for clues that have no definition. The fourth appears six times in the grid, but has been removed from any corresponding wordplay. Two supporting characters and a group also make an appearance, again from clues with no definition.
1 Central lowlands consuming one and doubling up... (6)
4... maybe it's not this! (Boy throwing up bile) (6)
8 Starts exceptional cooking at home - small cakes (7)
9 Plot revealed riles producer (7)
11 Metal key casing to overcome king, ending tyranny (5,5)
12 About opening (4)
13 Orangutan almost gone astray (5)
14 See 22 Down
16 Maybe African American returning, tracking poverty in outskirts of Boston (5,3)
18 Means to deal with Englishman and German (5)
20 Growl resonated back (4)
21 Thoughtful to reveal it to vagrant (10)
23 Noisy child, and smaller one? (3,4)
24 Wise on Independent and Conservative (7)
25 Twelve o one start (3-3)
26Leading dentist goes mad about tooth extraction... it's filling! (6)
1 Fruit squashed in public highway (5)
2 Cold American internal inquiry for Turing? (7)
3Marine crawler's argument encapsulated by marrow transplant (9)
5 It comes after signature in domestic decoration (5)
6 Genre initiated by bands rocking in the past (7)
7 Previous husband reacted badly when cursed (9)
10Isn't poor insect only half lost now? (9)
13 One of five chasing friend and finally dropping litter (9)
15 Top trumps open, not new, discarded (9)
17 Horse, one in company of water buffalo (7)
19 Intrude without care (clearly lacking experience) (7)
21A shoe, with right put on left? That's not good (5)
22,14aI'm cut over pets demise (5,8)