Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

March 2014 Monthly Crossword
Of The Sun by JWawro

This month's puzzle is another compiled by a guest setter, this time Puzzletome's newest administrator 'JWawro'. Once again, we invite your feedback.


Seven clues are without definition; in one sense, these are elements of 22.
6 The French rejection of brass instrument independent of first tone (2,5)
7 A graduate honors liberal Latin one (7)
9 Deporting old and new periodically board horsedrawn carriage (5)
10 I left soldier in nearby tavern, becoming incoherent (9)
11 Before first popular first-person adventure game (7)
13 Pound in the morning (6)
14 Thick pile of arugula (3)
16 Sit outside shelter, told to keep quiet (4,2)
18 A location for 22, perhaps, across the street (6)
20 Civil War General retreating to fish (3)
22 A public spectacle, they call me a profane knight (6)
23 Contortionist, I rave about another element (7)
26 Five hundred and eleven replace five in tribute, showing some rust (9)
27 To be honest, taking out backwards flip is something that makes me ill (5)
29 Clowning around with any lord, I wasted the first part of year (7)
30 Direct connection between Ozark and Anaheim, bypassing connector (7)
1 Against books of the Bible being preserved in robot's programming (4)
2 The French psychiatrist Carl clipped the bush (6)
3 Intolerable acrobat drops on head of 22 (9)
4 Juggling eggs and spanish water showing energy level? (3,5)
5 Silly sot falls behind counter (5-5)
6 Protein chew is provided to 20 in reply (6)
7 Sounds like a hatchet will support a revolution (4)
8 Composed a record about sacred syllable under the big top (6)
12 'Round hole, rapids swirled (10)
15 I follow large vehicle amidst look of shock (9)
17 Man's suit destroyed by natural disasters (8)
19 Conformity of power conduit (6)
21 Anthony Hopkins' Psycho spoiler mentioned - it stinks! (6)
24 Note to echo, for example! (6)
25 Leo pumps iron switching hands (4)
28 Wander aimlessly down roads that seem to be heading to the same place? (4)