Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

June 2018 Monthly Crossword

7 clues have been thematically altered. With some rearrangement of punctuation and word spacing, they each need to be reverted in order to solve.
1 Mathematician perhaps gets in at noon for lightest time (9,3)
10 Ca? Canada primary identifier wrong (7)
11I'm in jail with weapon and I can't fly! (7)
12 No end of lubrication in points makes this? (5)
13 A skipping rope brought in soldier after finally comparing notes (8)
15Second appearance of split tore edges of costume around end of June (2-8)
16 Ketone in elements of toxic radioactive product (4)
18 Koran ark snake temperature (4)
20 Debut for leading new thing (5,5)
22 Design Death Star to bring back Yoda, initially (8)
24 Played about without safety limit on ride (5)
26 Appearing in grandeur as I attempt to land (7)
27 Sustenance derived from a fruit (cored fruit) (7)
28GI's one messy school pigsty (12)
2 Think of one mother and I per drink (energy) (7)
3 Lancet titles to re-review (8)
4Options available to mark June festival (there's no justice) (4)
5 Belief in experience that English rip mimics to pieces (10)
6 Cold hill on beach sanctuary for donkey (5)
7 I or thee no good to monarch (7)
8 Washing machine absurdly taken (7,6)
9Mistreatment of popular wards? It's unknown (13)
14 Wireless application protocol starts to include good recipe with hard image (10)
17 Seconds going quickly to salon action? (8)
19Broadcast doctor's work for Sky delivery (3-4)
21 O say walk 500, and 500 more (fewer avoiding lake) (7)
23 Piquant pasta style serving (5)
25 Navigate pole with difficulty (4)