Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

June 2017 Monthly Crossword
Dot To Dot Puzzle by JWawro

19 of 36 clues in this crossword are missing letters in their cryptic construction, but are defined as normal. In one case, the missing letters are not sequential within the word. Highlighting these missing letters in the completed grid will generate contiguous sequences, which are connected.
3 Like an angel, giving her the third degree? (5)
6 Pluto takes a stand (4)
8 Classes grades reduced by 50% (6)
9 Erase variety musical performance (8)
10I've got an executive leader really starting to freeze up (3,4)
11 Somewhat allergic to stray animal (5,3)
13 European in a spa massage (8)
16 Salutation in respect of authority! (3)
17 Star in the center of this Royals blunder, Mets make a comeback (5,6)
20 A large parrot snatching yours truly away from Swedish home furnishing store (3)
21 Recognizes that piercing chest muscle relaxes flanks (8)
25 Ask why satire created a frenzy (8)
27Someone who might want to remain a secret - a disturbing source at man's address (7)
28 Popular cable channel with rooftop connection to house next door (8)
30 Leaders set amount received yearly! (6)
31 Kind, looking back in retrospect (4)
32 Mates get very upset! (5)
1 RCMP recruits academic leader instead of military captain, British MP (6)
2 With renewed spirit, registered nurse covering operating room (6)
3God followed, arrived in judge's chamber (6)
4 School transportation boarding second class before us (3)
5 Are the French entering borders of countries without concern for their actions? (8)
6 Dark, dull day (5)
7 Start to meander through series of factories where metals can be extracted (10)
11 Aboard the rocket, astronaut heads to the stars (2,5)
12Zoo's microscope provides a view of the whole universe (6)
13 A king sheds robes to offer a physical greeting (5,5)
14 Evaluates fool as overwhelming unknown (6)
15 I shall contract a disease (3)
18Attributes of mama's crib, essentially (8)
19 Topmost initial pinnacle! (3)
22 Extreme cruelty is coming after sad, grim ending (6)
23 Seder serving something to eat (6)
24 Cathryn maintains faked moon landing as a conspiracy, for example (6)
26 Difficult return of first tennis hit (5)
29 Whiskey Rebellion held back whiskey (3)