Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

July 2018 Monthly Crossword

July is the 7th month, so accordingly 7 thematic entries are clued without definition. 7 other clues contain an extraneous word that is an example of one of the thematic entries. The initial letters of the extraneous words in clue order give an inappropriate word for July.
6 Worship one in charity challenge (5)
7 Punt collector has a worse cough? (8)
10Green's fuss behind devastation losing husband (7)
11 Drop arch (7)
12 By fir branches I see a wild flower (7)
13 Tea boat brought back with bit of sugar (7)
14Facing men, it's dangerous (11)
19 Five is true representation (7)
21Paper reveals rubbish Yankee America hiding inauguration of Robert Lee (7)
23 North east sword fight (7)
25 Bag can force open weave (7)
26 Bananas and orange without cored nectarines seen eaten (8)
27 Gentleman has space for alluring woman (5)
1 Lion killing poor mule on temple floor (8)
2 Skirt with license (6)
3 Act basic or enhanced! (10)
4Disapprove of crushed grain that isn't fine (4)
5 One belongs to Mike and Ash (6)
6 France enters, draws game (6)
8 Secret heart to babble about drip (7)
9 Dance time with successor to H and two from Steps (5)
13 Swinger (Conservative man) to denounce ultimate American character (10)
15It's too much! We follow eye opening muscle envy (7)
16 Third attempt to suppress irate behaviour (8)
17 Maintains was upset about five two rout (5)
18 Therefore go in to outline square? (6)
20 Tore party manifesto cover indiscriminately (6)
22 Has to overhaul after sleepy head planted manure (6)
24Sir Isaac Newton's scientific principals (4)