Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

July 2014 Monthly Crossword
Casting Call by JWawro

Solvers need to find 10 candidates in the completed grid who answered the casting call, and suggest appropriate lines to be used.
1 To bring people together, the goddess of luck replaces one pariah (11)
7 Beginning to be uncomfortably squeezed on public transportation vehicle (3)
9 Arouse first lady with reply of satisfaction (5)
10 Horribly banal tour of Asian capital (4,5)
11 Use a chard; whipped into creamy dessert topping (4,5)
12 Does Hades have protection from the heat? (5)
13 We all drove together on a circular track like the Indianapolis 500, going around without end (7)
16 Contemplate an idea to why it is bad (3,4)
19 Song about top American university incorporated by British (7)
22 Dean replaces vitamin with calcium - go figure (7)
23 Appreciation of sound, e.g. (5)
24 Replacement curses CO's new order (9)
27Dated, bed, lose out, dropping union in break up (9)
28 Doctor gang buried part of the body (5)
29 Sounds like fibber's caustic solution (3)
30 Increase energy with crazy gusher recap (11)
1 Until each is fraudulent! (9)
2 Retractable roof opens, allows first light on stage (5)
3 Winds and staggers (5)
4 Strange Greek character enrols in American university in Alabama (7)
5 Interrupt or contradict, for example, an imitator on the street (7)
6 Ambassador informally referring to them "second class idiot youth" (7)
7 Server enters, being like Judas (9)
8 Starting to sense an impulse, suddenly rush forward (5)
14 Two notes, the beginning of song, included in pleasant review of past experiences (9)
15 Sung poem reportedly outstanding (3)
17 Video recording revealed valuable rock deposit (3)
18 Farmhand to dash around new barrier (9)
20 Minstrel listlessly hold on to latticework support (7)
21 Oddly dressy, Kat romps on writing surface (7)
22 Decision maker becomes interpreter by changing a bit? (7)
23 Be quiet, love, the atoll ends at a shallow area (5)
25 He and cop wrestled for a period of time (5)
26 Returned rags containing universal sweetener (5)