Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

January 2020 Monthly Crossword
1 Across

The puzzle marks 1a as a result of 11 18. This led to some disagreement, including notably between 14d and 17d (both clued by wordplay only). Seven further clues (all normal) must have an appropriate part removed before insertion in the grid (word lengths refer to the adjusted entries).
1See preamble (11)
7 Abandon South Africa in split east (3)
9 Sticker concerning crime? (5)
10 Hatched eggs in hotel (tortoise shell died) (9)
11 A Guys and Dolls debut needs guys to start to change (9)
12Flash Who session loses nothing in remix (5)
13 Left and right scene changes making room for shooting? (7)
15 Share contract (4)
18 Clasp it yearning to supply comfort? (4)
20 Smell balloon biographer (7)
23 Curse chap high ranking policeman caught (5)
24 User began to experiment with different sorts (9)
26 After hike boy will object strongly (5,4)
27 She inspired love with tear jerker! (5)
28 Emailed program that conforms to the theme? (3)
29 Scrap single use meter (6,5)
1 Race to get plan sorted for speech (8)
2 Old boys off screen not so well behaved (8)
3 Divided one and one into left and right (5)
4 Cool head tracking regular bitcoin (7)
5 Did Kindle provide editing feature? (7)
6 Comprehending first visuals, analyses conduct of marines (4,5)
7 Big house almost divine (6)
8 Veg swallowing is hard work (6)
14 Carbon free licenses to issue (9)
16A dreamer dreaming? That's sweet (8)
17Cover single All Around (8)
19Once a Terry's chocolate orange confectionery ends eaten (7)
20 Ancient place to block out close look (7)
21"Be told" when being this? (6)
22 Limited article in tax (6)
25 Designs experiment with energy and strain (5)

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on January 31 2020. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than February 5 2020.