Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

January 2019 Monthly Crossword

Five entries are clued without definition. These comprise a creator (who is commemorated this month) a group and three individuals. Several other clues contain tangential references to the theme of the puzzle.
9 Sing a bass or a rad transposition? (4,11)
10Day of fools precedes basics of reasoning - it's logical deduction (1,6)
12 Alternative name in strip of Arabic material (7)
13 Splinter religious order, say? (9)
14 Short time in crime (5)
15 Animal wilder after time span (7)
18 Bright city limits gay ritual (7)
21 1:56 put inside (5)
23 Thought provoking deep cuts pursuing society (9)
25 Prostitute lost with her groom (7)
26 Speak with a descant primarily put on? (7)
29 It changes levels of games Victorians play (6,9)
1 Song parts of animated rodents in America (4)
2 Make sure one is supplied (4)
3 Born again in reincarnated Lama deviant (8)
4 Air gun legislation in Siberia? (6)
5 It rotates motor left to cross river (8)
6 Run for considerable time around back of open fields (6)
7 Not indicating correctly for motorway sliproad at first? Nor me, unfortunately (8)
8 Clumsy peace keepers win 50 Yen (8)
11 Interjection stops hawkers to some extent (5)
15 Art suffering and macho contradiction with this condition? (8)
16 Prying is naive behaviour, very shortly caught (8)
17Question girl's first tooth decay (8)
19 Article one oddly comprising act to end war (8)
20 Visitor wastes time initially on String Theory (5)
22 Legwear only functional to Poles (6)
24 Witch Doctor has launched guy? (6)
27 Leaderless squad overlooking cross check (4)
28 Move raised animals (4)

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