Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

January 2018 Monthly Crossword

An appropriate part of the wordplay is missing for 9 clues
1 Broke out of LA redistribution centre? (6)
5 Crossing beam at front of ship (8)
9 Awe-inspiring English politician (Liberal) (8)
10 Reached back with bits of gum locking electric switch (6)
11 Rock song, real copy used to explore voices? (12)
13 Youngster has acre of land (4)
14 Mediterranean Sea beginning here in France, with nothing back around Austria (8)
17 Good memory for occult learning (8)
19 Extract from theory lemma is big bang matter (4)
21 Nitrogen compound used to drive round? (6,6)
24 Smile in manner perhaps endearing/ridiculous, initially (6)
25 Decline to show up blue (8)
26Follows that it's 7:1 for Rovers? (3,5)
27Artist reading computer studies on final study - that's unusual (6)
2 One in left and right arm breadth, or perhaps one of them? (4)
3 Morally bankrupt father enters plant (5,4)
4 Doctor Dismal (6)
5 Butcher feels around in ounces? (7)
6 Refer to past discrepancy of the original creator (8)
7 Half your force in charge of mental discipline (5)
8Actor's record in revolution (4,6)
12 Game or cup tie or home for some? (6,4)
15 Speckled alder - one allowed to pitch in church? (3,6)
16Mostly super, but things aren't clear here (4,4)
18Decorating a couple of uniforms with 100 hens - they're not very masculine! (7)
20 Cook with season I swapped for a pinch of umbellifer (6)
22 Well enough for morning work (5)
23Work hard but lose energy hit (4)

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