Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

February 2019 Monthly Crossword

25a's major contribution to the 11a was the creation of 1a (closely followed by 20a, 15d and 6d).
1See preamble (6)
4 Wild about street guide in colour (6)
8 Remove fur clothing left in (ceased trading) (7)
9 Stick around firms, that's sweet (7)
11See preamble (10)
12 Reproduced writing, say, in plot (4)
13 Whine round table (5)
14 Buddy Holly ending in lap dance with couple (8)
16 Foreigner free border secondary in Brexit (8)
18 Medic starts in emergency radiography and is not so sloppy (5)
20See preamble (4)
21 Question: laughing head off after distress toe curling? (10)
23 List returned by dog keeper (7)
24 It removes cases from English judge bearing court order limits (7)
25See preamble (6)
26 Happy hour surrounded by British/American sugar-free drink (6)
1 Conquer your inner doubt (5)
2 Get rid of old island (7)
3 Bore said "Time and its limits suppressed" (9)
5 Reach calculator count, say? (5)
6See preamble (7)
7Rebel Rebel needs its reverb intro (9)
10 Slow fronts of Storm Troopers usually can be penetrated (9)
13 Fight with intelligence and sue sweat shops (9)
15See preamble (9)
17 Bribe managed nothing for one singing (7)
19 I intend to get one name mostly wrong (7)
21 Dot following number one smash hit (5)
22 Twelve bore butt lacking presence? (2,3)

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