Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

February 2018 Monthly Crossword

The subject of this month's puzzle is @#%$ (2 words)
7 Without energy, f% is pants (5)
8 Makes one large elliptical orifice insertion (9)
10 Clubs supported fuel to dance l%? (6)
11 Did ask, beg and shout maybe? (8)
12 Mark job guide (8)
13 Regattas regularly eliminated d% (4)
15 Illness tautens various bits? (7)
17 Blame sponge for $ before # (7)
20Cheesey gala's one for Greek centre? (4)
22 Single pop promo with quiet cover has similar content (8)
25 Crowd area @#%$, perhaps (8)
26 #, DEL, Return, Insert, O, 1 (6)
27 Reaches out around the middle of Ford Mustang (9)
28 @#%$ prefix is about encouraging primary places for SW% (5)
1 Fuse diode with % charge lost (9)
2 @ unspoiled India borders (8)
3 $ to exercise abs by pool (7)
4 Brief day shift rates Swiss cheese plant (8)
5Dance to tune I'm playing (6)
6 Not a $ damned thing! (5)
9City of snow's love of pioneers (4)
14 Miss Penny to note colour LED (9)
16 Prepare to sail seeing oar punch waves (2-6)
18Water and oil and coal's not used? (8)
19 % second in iron skill (7)
21 End of # end of white flower (6)
23 Watch own goal for the French (4)
24 W% about five in that way (5)

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