Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

February 2017 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle marks 16, 1, 3 - the first of its kind. Five clues consist of wordplay only (i.e. are undefined). These lead to role fulfillers, where the grid entry should be the actual role fulfilled in each case. Two further normal clues lead to the medium, both generically (in full) and specifically (only partially). The remaining twenty clues each contain a superfluous word, but are otherwise normal. The initial letters of the extra words spell, in order, the item of which 16, 1, 3 was the first (2 words), one of the missing elements from the medium (1 word) and an acronym related to the role fulfillers.
1 See preamble (6)
5 Paper chiefs cover demise on hospital rooms (8)
9 Speech denying butler (James) at fault (8)
10 Boring doctor prematurely losing left arm (6)
11 Time to lift tonic cocktail divided zealously into three (10)
12 Melt zinc lid incorporating energy (4)
13 Keep an eye on Ronnie Barker, warden (8)
16 See preamble (6)
17 Rent free Embassy Hotel around top of Cheddar Gorge (6)
19 Run to a custom denim tailor (8)
21 Small cut outside spill (4)
22 Clove hitch (one deep knot) rescuing bike (10)
25 Steal plant-like animal back to California (6)
26 Herb genus, denticulatum geranium hybrid, loses energy with injection of oxygen (8)
27 Los Angeles right to get railway protections (8)
28 Braggart running through Lego is very tired (6)
2Article Fifty secondary to inaugurated Republican - "that's for them"! (5)
3See preamble (5)
4 LED switch decent, I concede (7)
5 Using words starts to antagonise lionhearted monarch (7)
6 Using words totally suppresses noise relating to rank (7)
7 Plant high range oratorio composer (9)
8 Pest worry at an awful residence (6,3)
14 Seasonal sap oil, flora evolving holding omnipotent power (5,4)
15 Tool enclosure found in vessel on River Dee (3,6)
18 Norfolk village gets hot Japanese oven roasting (7)
19 Share loot due for bank corruption (4,3)
20 Appliance inserted into stomach in examination (7)
23 Chicken recipe tops yoghurt roulade on posh cookers (5)
24 Heavy weight youth to practice fighting with vigour (5)