Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

February 2013 Monthly Crossword
X on the Y

The X on the Y refers to the 10 of the theme of this month's puzzle, which was the catalyst for others. The X on the Y is represented in the final grid by four entries. The clue definitions of these indicate the unmodified (Y) word whilst the wordplay yields the fully modified (X on the Y) grid entry. Multiple references to the 10 / theme appear in the solution, as does the theme itself.
8 G and F in C maybe X? (4)
9 Comrade Smith's fit: "Power to the people" (10)
10 Cat litter in and around band stand (6)
11 Wrath of the dragons? I say "stop" (4,4)
12 Perform song about time with Status... (8)
14 ... Quo at last after Stipe's group hollow voice shift (6)
16 Recalling golden sun with a flower (4)
17 Late thought bringing in ancient method of flood protection to natural areas (5)
18 Given selection junkie chooses 'E' (4)
19 Reach vainly to pick up great burden (6)
21 Drubs its self? (8)
23 Interrupts transport law transgression (6,2)
26 Make it known that complete balance due (6)
27 Element to loom close - time to exercise with little energy (10)
28 Lie behind, according to report (4)
1 Teach company (top grade) about second and long hour (10)
2 Laugh and dance I fancy in Latin Quarters? (8)
3 A Godfather - best title for God (6)
4 Return of right international leader to Middle East? (4)
5 Black tea one found on Russian transport (8)
6 Payment flowed partly... mostly (6)
7 Central character only able to take short steps in wargame? (4)
13 Leave blood? Left blood! (5)
15 Victory in Europe greeting base caught by the French mechanism (10)
17 Movement of arms before corps finally drinks (5-3)
18 The goal of the theme in question in truth losing initial right? (8)
20Falsify this - no one broke sides (6)
22 Elegant cast to drink a pint (6)
24 Contributing to arrhythmia (chest pain) (4)
25 Intelligence quarters (4)