Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

December 2019 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle marks three different instances of progress via the unclued entries: 13d sat first, disqualification led to the 10a act, and 14a admitted their first. In recognition of these, parts of the entries for the 8 asterisked clues must be suitably replaced with one of the items clued without definition in this list: None of the modified entries are real words. When the replaced parts are sorted alphabetically, their corresponding replacement items are also in alphabetical order.
6 Reprisal volley partly achieving this effect (5)
7* Bird born free in highland (8)
10See preamble (7)
11 Penny gets hair cut around one from killer (7)
12 Communications system not good in Scottish bank (7)
13It's unusual writing "thank you" (7)
14See preamble (11, 2 words)
19* Winger's time in choir practice (7)
21 Wanted the old rand conversion to include Euro (7)
23 Hate dashed with company community of old (7)
25* Exorbitant cost association to small dog (7)
26 The other side of ambiguous tale with bloody gore (5,3)
27 Be in the middle of the whole lot (5)
1* Cold call undesirable - holding back anger for the church (8)
2* Autonomous software to manipulate front and rear (6)
3 Cycle had no wheels and white stone (10)
4 Leave operation with medical professional (4)
5 Grating opening after talon scraping (6)
6 He duplicates small bed with modicum of embellishment (6)
8* Irani organisation trailing bisexual - that's spicy! (7)
9 Performing arts embodying culmination of holy spirit (5)
13See preamble (10, 2 words)
15 Cell Block 0 with rising regret (7)
16* King and piece returned in favourable style (8)
17 Fight back right back destroy fear (5)
18 Start at the beginning and end TV violence (6)
20* Move unsteadily approaching daughter led astray (6)
22 Elect idiot in government within (6)
24 Bank arbiter taking ecstasy (4)

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on December 31 2019. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than January 5 2020.