Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

December 2018 Monthly Crossword

Eleven clues have part of the wordplay missing. The missing items can be arranged to give a suitable message, which should be submitted along with the solution.
1 Silver man (6)
5Most disturbing, dreadful times (8)
9 Argues about slice of parsnip stuffing a legume (5,3)
10 Organisation of info on borders of country (6)
11 If I listened I enhanced bad relationships (12)
13Entrees of fish eggs, tomatoes and cheese (4)
14 Bowling spinner out (no runs) to stifle batting (8)
17 Drink with queen, for example, with cry of conscience (8)
18 Smooth report of terminal letter stateside (4)
20It's double-sided sticky tape, initially (I'm a liberal designer) (12)
23 Bury black cat first (6)
24 Current lover shot soldiers (8)
25 Cornet playing provides a negative spin! (8)
26 Paint spread one moved forward (6)
2 Beat up in bunk (4)
3 Scratch balancing act aired (9)
4 Illustrate foundations that young people provided youth (6)
5 Pronounced recognition of nation doing vast operation (8,7)
6 Getting benefits from government after voting system trouble contained (8)
7 Rubbish dump black from container ends on the scrap list (5)
8Son's demonic seances with Dr. of Divinity (10)
12 Inserting uniform order on all is unrealistic (10)
15 Illness? I man up with one treatment (9)
16 Time to start combustible fragment burning? (8)
19 Hot air very loud going through mass (6)
21 Resurrect Australian inorganic wings from time before life (5)
22 Fine clothing about to get inside out (4)