Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

December 2012 Monthly Crossword

Half of all answers must be entered backwards in the grid (these comprising precisely half of each of: across, down, 6-letter, 7-letter and 8-letter answers). The clues to these are all normal. Clues for each of the remaining answers must have one of the words spelt backwards for the clue to make sense. Observant solvers will note that a suitable phrase makes a suitable appearance in the grid.
8 Strap carries around treasure, nothing lost (6)
9Volume hidden in den with tier assembly put back (8)
10 ESP: a nice alternative to intelligence (8)
11 Kung Fu Panda: vehicle director looked displeased at (6)
12 Echo in gas explosion becoming quieter (6)
13 Clever editors embracing universal MOT, maybe (8)
14 Starts with 'Coolies', 'Yids' and 'Charlies' - lean to being fond of 'Nips' (7)
16 Creation found with the times? (7)
20Old fashioned lamina with half edge beaten (8)
23 Fan lived in evergreen dragon (6)
25 Honourable to bind time to evil and die (6)
26 Break me ribs? (At most stun) (8)
27 Causing lumps in the chicken? That's *so* like us cooks (8)
28 Ear of corn? Myself, I'll get in some beer (6)
1 Flying school develops (or fly DNA can) (8)
2 Carlisle event providing enclosed cover (6)
3Most hard to scale metal left out - that's irritating (8)
4Foundation maybe right by the sack? (7)
5 New report due with Pat Smear (6)
6 Start of sickness in sloppy gut - the same way as some answers? (8)
7Satisfactory in denim vein - bring it on! (6)
15 Taste of tongue twister? (8)
17 Great Fire '99 - right time to rebuild (8)
18 Communist to ban problem distributed again (8)
19 For instance, one bro is a misfit (7)
21 Serif out for starters in print - it's a perfect world (6)
22 Paired 'down' and its opposite with lexicon (6)
24 Failing Eros - boil in iron (6)