Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

August 2020 Monthly Crossword
The Mirror

All across clues contain a word that must be replaced by its antonym (or 'mirror') in order to make sense. The initials of the words to be 'mirrored' in the even numbered clues spell out a useful phrase. Down clues are normal.
7 At best, operation leads to trepidation in mortal enemy (9)
8 Limitless sale with good songs? (5)
10 Rise in corn heads yields health improvements to detectors? (8)
11 Whisper that hurts chicken (6)
12 Cut in rate (4)
13 Plural form using the French resistance (8)
15 Set to Osiris, say, one enters to disagree (7)
17 Weight deficit beginning to reveal pig (7)
20 Budding dame following mere fantasy (8)
22 Tops of poisonous fungi bedevil tobacco store (4)
25Place cloudy - that's nasty! (6)
26 Off in a moment to complain about train service? (8)
27 Fodder stale after second time (5)
28 Force odd Bilbaoan to account - starts with counter intelligence series (9)
1External store introducing cut to become lean (5)
2 Part of Valhalla trial encompasses worship (6)
3 Target that is shortly displayed on helmet? (8)
4 Looks and listens with phone software (7)
5 Day and night working to cover Liberal after we return (8)
6 Evil to say acid bile unclear (9)
9 One inferior turning up elsewhere (4)
14 Mirrored two individuals taking in hollow state (9)
16 Figure company has information technology in Access? (8)
18 Two works and some anecdotes by gum! (8)
19 About Sherlock perhaps? About lead primarily about mirror (7)
21Spain's ultimate beauty spot (4)
23 One very quiet, almost strange woodlouse? (6)
24 Pointed to regular crown piece (5)