Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

August 2018 Monthly Crossword

Augustus Augustine is spending a month travelling the world, staying for precisely two days in August in each of 5 countries (to be deduced). An instance of each of these is missing from the wordplay in a clue. 5 further entries comprise important bits of the countries and are clued without definition.
8 Street guide one finds in boom market (6)
9 They have guns, so I'm a right mess about going in (8)
10 Welcome book starts issuing alert after Pam leap frogs? (8)
11 Desire passage through North Ireland (6)
12 Look at government cut (6)
13 Sad song once performed to incorporate twist (8)
15Identical clothes? Too bad (3,4)
17 Youth wearing favour (7)
20 Worms design song (8)
22 Combining bit of fruit with gin cocktail (6)
23 Fought dear charge (6)
25 Premium broadcast bringing in lots at first with a richer voice (8)
26 Mostly important creating hell to punish at sea (8)
27 Time in position (starting point) - flee back inside (6)
1 Mother: "battles ail ones like us?" (8)
2 Dirty clothes? It weighs a lot (10)
3 Voice to multiply? (6)
4 Ghana at war (7)
5 Smile, for example, and come in to bonanza (8)
6 Wonders at first whether internet startup is network? (4)
7 Sense right time of year to lose leader (6)
14 Modest total received by using an adjustment (10)
16 Remain uncertain about identification of time line? (8)
18 About to take note of stray one (8)
19 Arena lap makes back stretch (7)
21 Left to right comprising high gear for more volume (6)
22 Interval hurt, of course (6)
24 Disgusting edges of laundry (4)

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