Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

August 2017 Monthly Crossword
Good And Bad

The subject (2 entries) is clued using wordplay only. The subject helped to popularise 15a and 6d, whose behaviour is demonstrated by the transfer of 23d from 4 entries to 4 other entries. The definition in each of these 8 clues refers to the word before transfer, whilst the wordplay refers to the the grid entry after transfer.
7 Silver hammer restraining uncivilised individual (5)
8 Fodder to sail away to soldier unit (9)
10 Date with the Spanish flower (6)
11 Laugh, dance tango around independent ranch (8)
12 Loose clothes even yielding wiry appearance (8)
13 Hot porridge earlier? Damn!? (4)
15 Bad? (7)
17 Confess to large shrink (7)
20Space better ventilated, say (4)
22 Mature advert, one working in preceding month (8)
25 Spoke up for Spanish about migration (8)
26Difference between Greece's thirteenth and Greece's ultimate pair is one (6)
27 Dead Sea pollution? Latin translation process taking more than a pinch of salt! (9)
28Ibsen's exposition reveals significance (5)
1 Passionate final act a desperate performance (9)
2 Envelop Polish hag out of time (8)
3 Magnetic induction starts channel reversing field (7)
4 Create cover on Channel Islands, round Northern half at first (8)
5 Penitence after rising is unheard of (6)
6 Good? (5)
9 Strident call endlessly confused by Republican (4)
14 Hostile ring that is holding function (9)
16Throw help back in carers' faces - thats not nice (8)
18 Council on Alpine slopes (8)
19 A time long before (7)
21 Incorporating character as callous? (6)
23See preamble (4)
24Celebrated leading lyricist remains Mr Sheeran? (5)