Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

April 2013 Monthly Crossword
April Showers

In this month's puzzle, the showers refer to those who show. Therefore, 8 of the answers are 'showers' (characters) in a West End/Broadway type show. Clues for these consist of two sections of wordplay: one for the show and one for the 'shower'. The two sections of wordplay do not overlap. Word lengths refer to the grid entry.
1 Snoop around ruined citadel I've made with assertion (13)
10 Perhaps force into... into force? (2,3)
11 Came to understand city replacing England's countrified (9)
12 Discerning Conservative leader legislated about the old (5-4)
13 One to Northern Ireland... England? Inane performance (5)
14 Split up manure around centre of field (7)
16 To get energy before lazy siesta, most like a piece of cake (7)
18 Organizes last chance to sit in old cars (7)
20Author of Bed Bound in series (7)
22Torment - overdose and nothing left, with alternate ploy to provoke new ecstasy (5)
24 Climbers join in an incline, son (9)
26Economist edited with a smile? (9)
27 Coach is up, fit to travel the ultimate distance (5)
28 Gender issues of a grannie as they were born around 1950? (13)
2 Drone aimlessly with a bit of uninspired poetry (7)
3 It helps prevent unscrupulous tree doctor going round hospital department (9)
4 Coiled OK (5)
5 Time I got bloody head and exhaustion (9)
6 Five male clowns trendy once (5)
7 Left lightweight on outskirts of Ganymede to capture space capsule (7)
8 Limits master writer in show (13)
9 Extreme riot: 'Eves' and 'Sues' daring! (13)
15 Damaged noses and ears bad (9)
17Development of green site for The Lion King? (9)
19 Blight before surrounding certain circle (7)
21 Supporter of traditional degree with time in Jewish homeland (7)
23 Mostly lazier bums may fail dry test (5)
25 Turkish title returning Patsy to laughter (5)