Puzzletome is the brainchild of a group of hardcore puzzlers who, after exhausting the internet's supply of puzzles, decided to create their own. Between them, Stretham, Si and xyphic thrust upon the world the creation now known as 'Puzzletome Contest One'. Since that day, the site has grown to contain two full-length contests, a reference section and dozens of short contests (including many written by our members). We are adding new content all the time.

Welcome, weary traveller, to our humble website: Puzzletome... We hope that you enjoy your stay; please make yourself at home!

Nearly 5,000 people have discovered our site. Many have become trapped in our forum, handing down their knowledge to those in need of direction. We're proud of our community -- please come in and be a part of it. *You* are what makes this site what it is.

To take part in any of our contests, you must first register for the site. This is a simple process -- please use the link provided above. Once registered, you may access the contests via the 'Contests' link.

Also available is our crossword section, which can be found here. This features mostly cryptic crosswords and note that registration is *not* required for this part of the site.

If you are new to online puzzles, we recommend that you start by taking a look at the 'Say What' series as a gentle introduction. Then we suggest that you move on to 'Movie Premiere' and the 'Festive Fun' and 'Summertime Special' series!

We hope you enjoy your stay! We (and our members) are always creating new puzzles and new contests, so there is much to look forward to over the coming years!